Sunday, December 19, 2010

Virgo Horoscope of January 2011

January begins with the Solar Sun transiting your 11th house of hopes, wishes, and love received. For those who have stayed the course and remained on a stable path, there will be blessings to come. This does not mean there will be no rain to muddy your path, because endings are also promised; but for every ending there dawns a new beginning and renewed hope can be found in this. Watch your diet right now because your are at risk of gaining weight. You should also prepare yourself for some criticism from people who are close to you or who would like to be. Remember, they are most likely just envious of your status or intellect. People who are critical usually do this because they are not able to feel good about themselves without dissing someone else. Ignore them and pray for will feel better.

Leo Horoscope of January 2011

Welcome to Lucky Jupiter Astrology! And while our website was initiated this month, you lions may want to get your family affairs in order before you act on your impulse to begin something new. Yes, it is understandable, with Mars in your first house, that you would want to get things going and push your own interests, however, the Solar Sun is still firmly hidden in the twelfth house and sneaking up on Saturn, the lord of taking things slow. You should have only to wait until around the New Moon on the 17th, so have patience. It will pay off when you make your grand entrance and all eyes are on you.

Cancer Horoscope of January 2011

The beginning of the month has the "finger of God" aspect, or yod, pointing to your Solar Neptune in the 8th house. Be alert for gas leaks, electrical problems, insurance scams or sudden actions while in a motor vehicle. You or your partner could receive a compliment, gift or insurance settlement. You also may try to hide it from each other. If you have a nagging feeling you aren't well, get to the hospital or doctor and have it checked will be glad you did.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gemini january Horoscope 2011 | January 2011 Horoscope for Gemini

The world is carrying a bit of a somber tone right now, so don't be too worried that people aren't their normal chatty selves. This is a perfect time for you to just keep your nose to the grindstone and work towards those long-term goals. Think about what it is you want to accomplish, what is most important to you and what you have been taking for granted. (Or is it you who has been being taken for granted?) If the latter is the case, the offending party will soon come to their senses and tell you how much you are valued. Maybe even in the form of a gift or a raise.

Taurus january Horoscope 2011 | January 2011 Horoscope for Taurus

The Bull may be feeling a bit penned in right now, especially in regard to communication. It also may be a difficult time to come up with extra cash for a short jaunt or vacation. It is, however, a good time to start planning for a long trip to a foreign country, or some other type of pilgramage. Brush up on your second language so you can talk to the natives when you save enough money to go. For those Bulls who have been working diligently, avoiding distractions, and creating masterpieces, you will be rewarded handsomely, and soon.

Aries january Horoscope 2011 | January 2011 Horoscope for Aries

The beginning of the month has the Ram's Solar Sun hidden in the dungeon of your chart, the fourth house. Expect some of your past deeds in regard to family or home structure to come back to haunt you. Older women or a popular family figure may suddenly disappear from your life or have a hospital stay. The best scenario has to do with any project you have been keeping under wraps. This now has the potential for bringing you great happiness or gain that will help shore up your life structure in some way. A sudden pregnancy is also a possibility, so if that isn't in your plans, remember to take precautions when you go on vacation!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Capricorn Horoscope -1 Jan 2011

Capricorn (the Goat)
December 23 - January 20

-(You’ve some negative planetary transits (with Pluto and Saturn along with Uranus aspects) STILL WITHIN THE MINUS TRANSIT MODE ......and you don’t want to goof your kind spirit getting upset with individuals that “pretend” they can’t understand what you points you are trying to get across to them).